Tamarokuto Science Center Privacy Policy

April 2012
Tamarokuto Science Center

Tamarokuto Science Center handles personal information (refers to information by which an individual can be identified, such as name, zip code, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) that it receives in applications for various programs, questionnaires, and through the use of the website, etc. Efforts should be made to manage such information appropriately and with close care by complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations (hereinafter referred to as “the Law”), as well as museum standards based on the Tamarokuto Science Center Association Personal Information Protection Ordinance, and therefore the following policy on the protection of personal information has been prescribed, and efforts shall be made to realize it.

  1. The Center has prescribed standards for the protection of personal information, its employees, etc. (refers to center staff, employees of contractors, volunteer staff, and external collaborators), shall comply with these, and shall properly manage all personal information.
  2. A personal information protection manager (General Manager) has been appointed at Tamarokuto Science Center, a responsible person has been appointed in each department under the jurisdiction of said General Manager, and said persons shall work to ensure the effect of the personal information protection management system.
  3. When collecting and using personal information, the purpose shall be made clear, and personal information shall be collected and used within the scope of this by an appropriate method.
  4. Personal information, with the exception of where disclosure is obligated by the Law, must not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the prior consent of the provider.
  5. The storage of personal information shall be performed by an appropriate method and for the necessary period, and will be disposed of without delay thereafter without omission.
  6. In the event of the management, etc., of personal information being contracted to a third party, the appropriate measures shall be taken against said contractor to ensure that said information is managed in accordance with the Center’s policy on personal information and protection standards.
  7. With regard to the provided personal information, in the event of a request being made for the disclosure or revision of content, or the ceasing of use, etc., with the exception of where prescribed by the Law, the Center shall promptly address this upon following the necessary procedures to identify, etc., the individual.
  8. The content of each of the items set forth below shall be disseminated to the employees, etc., of the Center, shall be reviewed on an ongoing basis, and efforts shall continue to be made to make improvements.
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Tamarokuto Science Center Designated Manager Personal Information Handling Guidelines

Purpose of Use of Information Provided by Customers
(Tamarokuto Science Center Privacy Statement)

April 2012

The Tamarokuto Science Center website has been created with the objective of providing customers with information on the Center in an accurate and fast manner.

The provision of personal information may be requested on the website in cases such as applications for participation in various classes and events, requests for materials, applications for membership of the Friends of Science Association, and records of your comments that include your email address.

In the event of personal information being requested for such matters, the personal information requested will mainly be that required in order for the Center to contact customers, to send materials, or to confirm attendance at events, etc., such as the customer’s name, zip code, address, telephone number, and email address. Information received from a customer will not be used for any purpose of than that stated above.

It should be noted that the Center externally contracts a part of its education projects. When contracting such projects, the Center clarifies the responsibility for the protection of personal information in the contract with the contractor, restricts the use of the information provided to that project only, and the Center endeavors to conduct strict management so that the information is used in a safe and proper manner.

Example Main Uses of Personal Information
  • Applications for participation and confirmation of attendance at various classes and events, etc.
  • Membership of the Friends of Science Association
  • Applications to become a Center volunteer
  • Reservations for group tours
  • Responding to inquiries
Contact Tamarokuto Science Center for inquiries regarding personal information:
  • 042-469-6100 Fax 042-469-4152