Tamarokuto Science Center

Tamarokuto Science Center offers a wide variety of exhibitions at 5 rooms; “Meet the Science” , “Body &Senses” , “System &Mechanism” , “Life & Environment” and “Geoscience” . Touch, Think and Try at 4 Labo’s which inspire your curiosity.
In Dome Screen "Science Egg", there is “The most advanced planetarium projector” and it reproduces beautiful starry night sky. Depends on movies, English version is available. Please ask for the details.

Business hour:

  • 9:30 to 17:00 (Last entry 16:00)
  • Closed at Mondays*, next day of national holidays, New Year holidays (December 28 to January 3)
In case Monday is national holiday, we will open.
We may be temporarily closed due to facility maintenance.


  • 9:15 to 17:15
  • Car: Free for the first 30 minutes. 100 JPY for each additional 30 minutes.
    (Maximum 700 JPY a day)
  • Bus: 2,000 JPY for a day. Reservation is required in advance.
    Not available on Sundays and National holidays.
  • Number of Vehicles – Standard-sized Vehicles : 150, Buses : 20

Ticket Prices:

GROUP of 20 or more
(Admission to the Exhibition Rooms)
500 JPY 200 JPY 400 JPY 160 JPY
(Exhibition Rooms + Planetarium or Dome Theater)
1,000 JPY 400 JPY 800 JPY 320 JPY
(Exhibition Rooms + Planetarium + Dome Theater)
1,400 JPY 500 JPY 1,200 JPY 480 JPY
Annual Pass Adult CHILD/
Residents of, or Studying or Working in 5 cities
(Kodaira, Higashimurayama, Kiyose, Higashikurume, Nishi Tokyo)
1,500 JPY 600 JPY
Others 2,000 JPY 800 JPY
If you hold a physical disability certificate issued in Japan, such as rehabilitation certificate or certificate of mental disability, please present this at the parking lot and when entering the center. The parking lot fee, science museum entrance fee, and program viewing fee will be waived in full.
As a general rule, the fees for one care giver will also be waived.
If you require special care, or it is difficult for you to present a certificate, please contact us in advance.
We ask that wheelchair users, etc., arrange for an attendant to assist with emergency evacuation at their own responsibility.


  • The center has been designed to be wheelchair-friendly, and strollers and wheelchairs can be used throughout. Our staff will operate the stairway wheelchair lift that operates from the lounge to exhibition room 3.
  • Multi-purpose toilets can be found in three places; in front of the B1F event hall, at the 1F lounge, and the 2F planetarium lobby. The accessible toilets also have a courtesy seat for caregivers. Please use at your convenience.