Planetarium and Dome Theater

The world's first certified planetarium

Updated in July 2012, the state of the art “CHIRON II” projector we have introduced can project more than 140,000,000 individual stars. The sparkle of fine stars spreads across the dome, allowing you to enjoy a realistic starry sky with a sense of depth.

Live Commentary by Staff

Another feature of our planetarium is the live commentary provided by our expert staff members. A guide is given to the bright stars and constellations that change each season while the starry sky is projected. The live commentary also includes seasonal topics about the universe. This commentary is combined with a theme that changes around every two months, allowing us to inform you of new discoveries.


CHIRON II can bring people closer to the real starry sky. Based on billions of pieces of stellar observation data, it fully depicts the stars, nebula, and star clusters that constitute the Milky Way. In addition, star images have become sharper, and it is able to project a sparkling star that looks just like a real one.

360 Degree Digital Imaging System

In the “Virtuariam II” 360 degree digital video system, sharp and powerful digital image projection is realized through the use of four high-resolution (4K) projectors, and the employment of a dual projector system that accurately superimposes individual images. It provides a sense of immersion that makes you feel like you have jumped into a different place. The combination of Virtuariam II, which has a digital planetarium function, and the CHIRON II optical projector enables a wide variety of depictions, and we are developing programs that make full use of this hybrid planetarium.Enjoy movies with large-sized screen! Depends on the movie,English is available.